Emmy (ladybrighid3333) wrote in rabbit_hole_day,

Apology~~KIND OF

I know I said I was going to type up the continuation of my story today(since everything is supposed to be in by midnight)...But I feel like crap and I know my brain isn't going to function long enough to get anything done by midnight. If I write up stuff by tomorrow I'll post it to kittys_writings so you guys can all catch the continuation. Or if the mod here minds giving me a voucher... ^^ lol. I do write. Trust me, I did NaNoWriMo this year, and even though I didn't win anything, I did write a thousand words and was very happy(usually I write more, but it was college app time and rush month at school...). ^_^

So, apologies and this is a great community idea(I just wish I didn't have to have the unfortunate luck of getting sick at the worst times possible).

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