John (jason_bond_69) wrote in rabbit_hole_day,

Mittyverse Trifecta Chapter Three (Rock Star)

I opened my eyes to the sight of a well endowed redhead riding me hard. "Oh baby! Fuck me harder!" she cried out as tried to gather my wits and please this very attractive woman. I slid my hands down to her hips and helped speed her along towards climax, because I wanted to get this over with and figure out where the hell I was. With one last severe arching of her back, the redhead cried out in pleasure as the orgasm ran through her body. Once that was over, she lay down on top of me and rested for a few moments.

"Welcome to the wonderful world of rock and roll!" she finally said as she whispered into my ear.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"You can call me Isabella. I'm another genie too, much like Lisa. And, like her, I always am up for a good session in the sack." she said as she looked at me with a sexy look in her eye.

"So what's am I? A drummer? Guitarist? Lead singer?"

Instead of telling me, she reached over and got a bottle of what looked like beer. "Here! Drink this! It'll explain everything!" She took off the cap with her hands and tossed it out onto the floor

"Let me guess: this isn't beer?" I said.

"No, but it is better tasting!" Isabella said. I took the bottle from her and drank it down. She was right, it wasn't beer. It was like being taken on a ride as I learned everything about this life.

"Hey, wake up Jason!" a voice said as I felt someone pushing on me as I lay in bed. As I opened my eyes, I saw the slender image of Gwen Stefani before me in distinctly rock gear, very different from what she was in the real world.

"Gwen? What time is it?" I asked sleepily.

"2pm! That groupie must have fucked your brains out good after the gig last night, because you're usually up by now."

I sat up in the bed and blinked at the sunshine coming in from the outside. As I raised my hand to protect my eyes, I noticed that I had tattoos on my arm, something that I didn't have in real life. Gwen got up and closed the curtains, saying, "We've still got some time before the gig tonight at the Garden. Man, all those thousand of people last night!" Gwen smiled and shook her head at the memory, adding, "What a rush!"

"Yeah! So where'd she go?"

"The groupie? Hell if I know! I came in when you didn't wake me up to go to lunch like we usually do. But that's okay, because after your performance last night, you deserved a good fucking!"

"I guess, especially the way I feel at the moment. So when do we head over to the Garden?" I asked.

"Not for a few more hours at least. We don't go on until 10pm again tonight. Good thing this is the end of this leg of the tour, because we need a break before we play Europe in a few weeks."

I got up and suddenly realized that I was naked in front of Gwen, and apparently a part of my anatomy was quite pleased she was there. She giggled and said, "Well, I see your best friend is up too!"

As I was about to say something, someone walked in. I turned and saw Shakira come into the room, but she stopped short and said, "Don't tell me that you two are gonna get it on again!"

"Nah, Shakira. I came in to wake his lazy ass up!" Gwen replied with a laugh, then looked back at my hard on and added, "Unless he really wants to."

Shakira came up to me and ran her hand over my muscular chest, saying, "I wouldn't mind joining you, but our manager wants us downstairs for some media thing in half an hour. So, you'd better get showered, babe!" She slapped my ass hard and laughed as she left the room.

"Well, she did say we had half and hour!" Gwen said after Shakira closed the door.

"And what do you plan on doing before I take a shower?" I asked as I saw Gwen get down on her knees before me.

"This!" Gwen replied and she began to do what she wanted to do, grasping my bare buttocks with her hands. It took a little longer than I had expected, but my legs soon buckled when Gwen got the result that she had wanted. We did manage to make it down in time for the press conference, but just barely.
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