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Crashing Waves Over the Rabbit Hole

I awoke this morning hearing the waves crashing on the beach through the open window.  The sun was just creeping above the horizon.  Wrapped in my shawl, I slipped on my flip flops and swung open the creaky screendoor.  My dogs needed little encouragement to begin the day.  It wasn't two seconds before they were frolicking like fleas along the salty sand herding sandcrabs and combing for treasure.  I padded my way along the shoreline watching them have fun.  My daughters were already making tea and oatmeal so I could enjoy the first rays of morning sun.  Nothing like salt air and warm breezes to give birth to a new day. 

Sandy and wet, the dogs clamored up the steps and into the cottage ready for their breakfast.  Me too. The girls were singing merrily and breakfast was all ready for me including some fresh strawberries and cream.  We sat and chatted while the sun took it's place higher in the sky.  Ah - the company of wise daughters, nothing replaces that honor. They had already pulled my quilt up over the pillows so the dogs wouldn't leave their muddy imprint.  We discussed our plans for the day.  I can't wait to walk into the market and buy some fresh flowers and see a friend for noon tea.  The girls had their plans for writing and drawing at the pier.  My youngest, Maybelle asked which dog she could take along. 

"Mooooom!  I want Chokwat! Mooooom!  The TV is out!  MoooooooM - Rita ate my bwed!"  Morning comes all too soon at noon -- it is 20 below!  Can't I stay in bed?  I clomp out to the kitchen already wrapped up in flannel and fleece.  Automaton Mommy makes coffee - feeds dogs - opens door - closes door.  One dog on leash to keep him from chasing his tail.  Stop every minute or so to remind him to not chase and to SIT.  Rita nips Sneaker just because, Sneaker growls at Tyler because Tyler is lifting his lips at Sneaker, Rita prances about as if to be the major on inspection rounds.  "MoooooM I want some doose!"  Take the vitamins - take the pills - take the shot - gosh, wish I knew I could eat my breakfast with both hands.  Nope.  Dog tied to one and phone in the other.  "MooooM - Rita is on the table! Mooom!  Chai is chasing his tail!"  "I don't want to watch the news!!WHAAAAAaaa" Back to Noggin. I need a vice!

Where is that teenager?  Oh - asleep in bed.  But, it is 1pm and the dogs are fed - old Laddie needs his walk.  Whining, barking, chasing, snarling, growling, snapping, prancing, barking barking, barking, "SHUT UP SNEAKERS!"  Teenager takes dog out the door with her MP3 player engaged.  She didn't hear any of it.  Where was I?  Oh yea - breakfast....  hmmm - coffee - toast - might as well stand and eat it.

Teen returns murmuring about the worthless mail and mind numbing cold.  She pours a goliath portion of cereal into her bowl followed by an older calf's portion of milk.  Still plugged into the J-pop of the MP3s she hunkers over her bowl shoveling in the Lucky Charms. .. .magically delicious.  Maybelle moans about something.  I'm ready to go to work.

Open the email - gosh helloitslate posted some nice pictures  - ha - someone thinks she is "non communicative?"  unbelieveable.  She is one of the most communicative people I know.  joshuwain is bummed because he has to work with code that has no annotations (shoot - I am guilty of doing things that way...  I will have to remember how it is for the next guy to code a site) and he is worried about his friends ignoring him.  Must be in the stars - I've heard that alot the past few months from nearly everyone.  beginnersmind contemplates repentance and it's relationship to buddhism and alyura is getting sick but can't get medical attention.  Hate to tell her to be sure to document who turned her away for proper care when she is on a ventilator with pneumonia or suffers brain damage from the flu she will know who to sue.  anindigomind is obsessing about her cosplay and dvds and and and I get lost somewhere watching videos of a Chinese tea ceremony posted by starlyn_monter 

1. A demonstration of brewing puerh in Gongfu ceremony.

2. How to clean a yixing teapot after use.

Hmmm. how much time did I spend watching someone clean a teapot?

Ok - back to more email.  ACDCA members are at each other's throats.  Knives in their backs.  It is like the house of flying daggers.  Truth and loyalty and work ethic may be breed characteristics but is not present in their owners.  The state is threatening to fine us for violation of our IM with the city we don't live in but occasionally commute to with our old car that didn't even bother to start today.  They want an IM or a certified mechanic to say the cost of repairs is excessive.  So far we've gotten laughed out of the shop by several IM facilities and countless mechanics.   It is a 22 year old car - worth $450.00; but some idiot co-worer is making trouble for Edward. He could drive our 1966 Ford pick up -- gets about 8 MPG without an IM.   I smell retirement on the horizon.  Gosh - just what I need to make my life more sane... a retired husband home all day wondering why I spend so many hours at the computer.  His blood pressure is too high and he says he can't keep track of things anymore.  Oh goodie - he's sick too.  Let's go ask Alice..... as the song refrain goes.

The dog needs to go out.  He chases his tail.  I stand there at 20 below calmly reciting my newest mantra "go potty, go potty - give up the tail to keep the tail ... go potty"  We both limp back up the squeaking stairs careful not to slip on the icy frost.  The neighbors lost their husky. He doesn't think it's cold.  They are traipsing about the neighborhood yelling for the dog who no doubt cannot hear about the din my dogs are making at these strange people who breath smoke out in the cold yelling as if they want my dogs to come to them.  I see the dog - he is home but playing in the yard when they are away and running behind their garage when they appear.  He is smart.  Too smart.  Leave the yard to have the yard... go potty.

Friday is vacuuming day.  The corrupt code and ugly photos will need to wait until tomorrow.  I need to snufle up the blankets of gray fluff lining the walls. Everyone to their corners - here comes the suck-u-up.  Barking - chasing, attacking --- ok - now they settle down.  Hours later I finish ... why does it take so long?
I can't bear to go on.  Someone give me a potion to drink --- I want to click my heels and be back on the beach.  With my luck it would be Nome -- you know - there's no place like nome - no place like nome.....

"MOoooooM!  I wanta red art chokwat! Pweeeze!"

There is a famous sculpture by Rudolf Steiner which depicts the condition of the human.  One hand holds back the evils of frivolity and shallowness the other holds at bay the evil of greedy materialism agonizing beneath the man's feet.  Standing tall almost with a Chi Gong presence is the clear face of knowing one's place.  Or so I always was told it was the expression of clear-thinking, awake human in balance.  I now know it is a blank stare because he is trapped - doesn't dare let go!  Move an arm and there is mayhem, chaos, war of all against all.  Such is the human condition. Such is life in the rabbit hole.

Me too - CHOCOLATE!!! (anyone old enough to remember that old Smothers Brothers' routine?.... ok anyone old enough to know who the Smothers Brothers are? Ok - I'll quit now)

A little Daily Zen....

You are a seeker.
Delight in the mastery
Of your hands and your feet,
Of your words and your thoughts.
Delight in meditation and in solitude.
Compose yourself, be happy.
You are a seeker.    - Dhammapada

Yes.  It is rabbit_hole_day at Live Journal.  I wonder if truth is stranger than fiction?  Care to venture a guess? 
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