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Mittyverse Trifecta Chapter Two

Angelina slid off me and lay by my side, gliding her hand over my stomach. Much to my shock, I no longer had a big belly, but sleek abs. Not necessarily a washboard, but I was very lean nonetheless.

"You ready for tonight, love?" Angelina whispered into my ear.

Not knowing what tonight meant, I simply said, "Yeah, I am. Are you?"

"You bet I am! I can't wait to hear them call your name for Best Actor tonight! That Oscar's going to look nice in your hands!" Angelina replied. She got up off the bed and headed towards what looked like a bathroom. The sheen of sweat glistened off her body in the soft lighting in the room as she entered the bathroom, and I followed her inside to see her entering the shower. "Join me?" she said with a come hither look and I did just that. Instead of cleaning off promptly, we were distracted by carnal pleasures, which included her kneeling down and damn near buckling my knees with her oral techniques. I did repay her by using the detachable shower head to devastating effect on her sexual organs while pleasuring her other orifice with my own organ, which would not have been possible had a tube of KY lube not been handy beside the shower.

We finally managed to get cleaned off in time to answer a knock on the door, where a primly dressed older female with blond hair and glasses came into the room. "Good morning, Jason! Angelina, your agent is waiting downstairs for you."

"Thank you Julia." Angelina said as she went back into the bedroom of the suite to get dressed.

Julia turned to me and said, "Come this way, Jason! I need to speak to you about something!" Having no idea what to expect, I followed her into another room of what I had found out to be a luxurious suite at a posh Hollywood hotel. She sat down on one couch and gestured for me to sit on another one across from her.

In her posh British accent, she said, "I see you've met Lisa?"

"I figured she had something to do with this. Can you tell me where I am?"

"You're in Hollywood, case you hadn't noticed. You're an actor, up for an Oscar tonight for Best Actor for a movie called 'Reunion', and you met Angelina Jolie on the set. Needless to say, you two fell for each other."

I nodded my head and said, "Okay, so how do I deal with people who ask me about it? I've never seen the movie, much less acted in it."

Julia opened up her small purse and pulled out a vial of something. "Drink this, and you'll be informed about what's going on in this universe."

"What the hell." I said as I shrugged as I extended my hand to accept the vial from her. I unscrewed the cap and unhesitantly drank it down. For a moment, it had no effect, and I was just about to say something when I blacked out.

Turns out that, after I graduated from high school, I skipped college and headed out west to Los Angeles to become an actor. After struggling for a year or so, I manage to get onto an independent movie called 'Ball and Chain', where I played a metal band lead singer who rises and falls with his band. It gets me noticed and my stars ascends in Hollywood.

As time goes on, I have affairs with such starlets as Salma Hayek, Catherine Zeta Jones, and Halle Berry. While the memories of hot sex with these starlets was nice, the breakups kinda sucked, especially after I got into a fight with some of Halle's bodyguards outside a club.

I managed to wake up some time later as Julia looked on across from me. "Nice, isn't it? But there's always a downside to the good life, as you'll see soon enough."

"So what time is it?" I asked.

"11:30am. You have to get ready, because the limo will be ready to wisk you to the Oscars soon enough. Your tux is in the bedroom. Angelina will meet you downstairs in a couple of hours and we'll go down to your limo. Before that, I'll introduce you to all of those who work for you."

"Work for me? So who are you?"

"I'm your agent, Jason! Julia Bryson, at your service. I'm a genie as well, but here I am simply your manager. So go get ready and I'll be back soon enough to take you downstairs."

Later that afternoon, I got out of the elevator wearing my tuxedo and headed over to where Angelina and our entourage were waiting for us. Angelina kisses me on the cheek as we head to the limo, and she looks incredibly beautiful in her tight fitting burgundy dress that shows plenty of skin. We depart in the limo, with Angelina and I sitting in the back seat, hand in hand.
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