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Rabbit Hole Day
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Below are the 15 most recent journal entries recorded in LJ Rabbit Hole Day's LiveJournal:

Sunday, January 18th, 2009
4:18 pm
The 27th is coming. Are you ready for this year's Rabbit Hole Day?
Monday, January 28th, 2008
2:16 am
Sunday, January 29th, 2006
9:12 pm
Apology~~KIND OF
I know I said I was going to type up the continuation of my story today(since everything is supposed to be in by midnight)...But I feel like crap and I know my brain isn't going to function long enough to get anything done by midnight. If I write up stuff by tomorrow I'll post it to kittys_writings so you guys can all catch the continuation. Or if the mod here minds giving me a voucher... ^^ lol. I do write. Trust me, I did NaNoWriMo this year, and even though I didn't win anything, I did write a thousand words and was very happy(usually I write more, but it was college app time and rush month at school...). ^_^

So, apologies and this is a great community idea(I just wish I didn't have to have the unfortunate luck of getting sick at the worst times possible).

Saturday, January 28th, 2006
9:40 pm
Rabbit Hole Day Post 1 and 2.1
Warnings: Fandom crossover; polyamoury and a couple "girl-on-girl" romantic encounters
Rating: PG-13 for questionable "conservatively immoral" concepts
Disclaimer: I don't own any concepts of Marimite,soeur_system or YuGiOh! Not all of this is true, that's part of the fun of Rabibit Hole day. This is kind of realistic because I love writing realistic fiction. I don't live in Japan though even though I constantly pretend. Somewhat due from a delirious mind because I have a bad cold.

My taleCollapse )

Current Mood: sick
8:36 pm
2:37 pm
Day 2

Hey! I've enjoyed all your stories so far!  This is a fun thing to do!  I'm going to make it a new tradition. :)

My 2nd Day In HollywoodCollapse )

Current Mood: creative

2:19 am
Crashing Waves Over the Rabbit Hole
I awoke this morning hearing the waves crashing on the beach through the open window.  The sun was just creeping above the horizon.  Wrapped in my shawl, I slipped on my flip flops and swung open the creaky screendoor.  My dogs needed little encouragement to begin the day.  keep reading - this gets goodCollapse )

A little Daily Zen....

You are a seeker.
Delight in the mastery
Of your hands and your feet,
Of your words and your thoughts.
Delight in meditation and in solitude.
Compose yourself, be happy.
You are a seeker.    - Dhammapada

Yes.  It is rabbit_hole_day at Live Journal.  I wonder if truth is stranger than fiction?  Care to venture a guess? 
Friday, January 27th, 2006
9:42 pm
8:03 pm
4:28 pm
Rabbit Hole Day 1

Christina Is A Star?

Cut for length, hope you enjoy!Collapse )

Current Mood: chipper

2:44 pm
1:58 am
12:21 am
Saturday, January 7th, 2006
8:13 am
Just wanted to show you all some of what came out of what I did for 2005 Rabbit Hole Day
Above is a link to my story, Through The Looking Glass and Down The Rabbit Hole. It deals with a central character (which is me) being thrust into the future 500 years. This is the third version of this current story, and I am about to start working on it again in hopes of finishing it.

The first chapter is under the cutCollapse )
Thursday, January 5th, 2006
8:02 pm
Welcome to Rabbit Hole Day!
A little over three weeks to go until we do the Rabbit Hole thing!

I just wanted to make clear that this wasn't my idea. Frankly, I don't know whose it was. However, since I hadn't seen any promotion for this idea this year, I decided to resurrect it!

So, anyone have ideas already as to what they want to do for their posts that day (or weekend, if you chose to do the second option)?

Mine is kind of a take on genie in a bottle stories with a Walter Mitty twist. I'm still kind of refining the idea, but, so far, I kind of like what I've come up with so far!
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