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Rabbit Hole Day Post 1 and 2.1

Warnings: Fandom crossover; polyamoury and a couple "girl-on-girl" romantic encounters
Rating: PG-13 for questionable "conservatively immoral" concepts
Disclaimer: I don't own any concepts of Marimite,soeur_system or YuGiOh! Not all of this is true, that's part of the fun of Rabibit Hole day. This is kind of realistic because I love writing realistic fiction. I don't live in Japan though even though I constantly pretend. Somewhat due from a delirious mind because I have a bad cold.

day 1
Wonderful friday morning up, just waking up. Soft light coming through the window...The first thing I wake up to:

"Sanura! Get up! School today, we're going to be late for the bus."

i stretch, looking up at the white-haired boy standing over my bed who has just used an egyptian nickname I sometimes go by. "...Ryou?"

he nods, "Up. Dressed. Breakfast is ready for the road." Then he leaves the room.

The fifteen year old cardgame player, is my boyfriend. We've been on-and-off dating for a while now. After some unfortunate incidents with my parents, who are not the most caring people, I have been sleeping in the guest room at his house. He understands that there are times when I want to be with my girlfriends and go out. He likes hanging out with his friends at the arcade. It's one of those days where the cultural festival is just around the corner and all the girls are busy after school. I'm staying later and later with all the girls at school.

My hair is down, somewhat windswept from sleeping. I don't even bother to brush it; there are plenty of girls wearing their hair like it now. School at Lillian Girl's Academy may be strict, but as long as it looks orderly; no one cares. I toss on my sailor suit uniform, carefully tie the scarf in a neat knot and flatten the pleats. Pulling on long socks, I fold them; they aren't quite tube socks like other young girls in Japanese schools.

Walking to the bus is fun when I go with Ryou and his friends. They always bring me because it's a long walk and they know I don't do well defending myself.

The Bus trip to school is rather uneventful, sadly. I arrive to school and laugh as I pass the statue of the Virgin Mary, Maria-sama; nodding my head rather than saying a prayer. Tsutako-san and Minako stand around the statue which has been rather...vandalized. Someone played a not-so innocent trick on the lovely statue on campus.

Soon as I get in, I hear several Roses talking loudly about the statue outside. I smile a little, "So, you were the partners in crime who commited the sin to Maria-sama?" They all laugh. The Rose with the almost soldierlike attitude does her drunk Rodent impression and starts singing in a squeaky mezzo-soprano. We all laugh ourselves to death. One of the girls smiled, "Not much worse than you would do."

I smile innocently, noticing Sr. Margaret walking by, "What in the world are you talking about?"

Sr. Margaret passes by with a grim smile; it is very obvious she learned of the vandalism of our lovely statue. Later that afternoon, word breaks out around campus~~The Kawaraban comes out with a paper~~"THORNS: A recent death threat feud turns Mariasama into a disaster"

shortly after, Sr. Margaret calls Rosa Guinee, Rosa Cinnamomea, Rosa Pimpinellifolia, Rosa Gigantea and Rosa Omeiensis to her office.

At the meeting to go over the set-up of the cultural festival, only the Rosas not called to the office come. Rosa Chinensis presides the meeting. We all go over our duties to the festival.

Later, I ask one of the unclaimed underclasswomen if I can stay over her house because it is so late and I know Ryou wouldn't want me walking home from the bus.

The girl I chose to stay with is sweet. I think she enjoys the fact I'm taller than her. We both have sick minds. I like her because she is just as overaffectionate as I am.

It was awkward at her house. We talked for a bit, then cuddled. After dinner we kissed. I love her a lot. She makes me feel happy. Few people do that for me. It is very rare that I let people get close. I'm afraid of being hurt.
Day 2
In the morning, we both sat around drinking soda and trying to wake up. I was glad it was saturday. That meant I could sneak the younger girl into a movie with me. I loved having my permit.

After a while we just sat aroudn laughing and attempting homework, which was pretty much a failure. It was funny.

Day 2 to be continued tomorrow and day 3 due tomorrow

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