TO RETURN WHAT WAS GIVEN. (our_innocence) wrote in rabbit_hole_day,

Okay, the last thing I really need is dating advice from plastic figurines. I bought the damn things so that if I ever have kids, I can sell them to supplment my medical bills when I have to sell my kidneys for their college education.

And I really don't need a boyfriend, either.

What I need is a good night's sleep, but no. Between C-3P0 and Frodo, I'm never going to get it, really. They won't shut up.

It's not like C-3P0's ever gotten any. Really now.

And how do you get them to shut up? That's the real question. First thing I hear is this squeaky little voice telling me to get up, as there has been some sort on consensus. I guess there's not much to talk about in the bowels of my closet. Listening to me rant about current politics must get old after a while.

I then get to hear a total tirade about how I spend too much time alone in my room, with my books. You know why I spend time with my books? Because they don't talk. So STFU, Barriss Offee, your sexual advice has no place here. And Gandalf, the things you suggested are illegal in this state, thank you.

And then I left, and suddenly the willow had an opinion on everything.

But that's for later.
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